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    LAN & WAN Solutions

  • Networks provide the backbone of the day to day business communication and collaboration. Even the best IT equipment will fail if the underlying network infrastructure is not sound.
  • We have a rich experience in providing both LAN and WAN solutions ranging from wired, fiber, wireless and hybrid that supports triple-play, i.e. data, voice and video. We also provide necessary tools to assist our clients monitor the performance of their LAN and WAN installations. Our LAN and WAN Solutions may be categorized into Switching and Routing, Network Management and Structured Cabling

  • Data Center Solutions

  • Data Centers house the processes, technologies and tools needed to ensure organizational data is always accessible 24x7 and at the required throughput.
  • To achieve such levels, careful planning, designing, implementation, testing and support has to be handled by professionals who posses a proven track record in delivering such solutions. Our technical team is well versed in the technology involved and has had extensive hands–on experience in delivering state-of-the-art data center solutions.

  • IT Security Solutions (Systems security CCTV & Door Access)

  • Security threats to an organization’s IT infrastructure have grown to become pervasive and very complex in nature.
  • The potential of attack and sabotage has evolved from external threats to also include internal threats as attackers explore new avenues of perpetuating their malicious deeds. Using leading IT Security Products, we assist our clients to secure their work premises and surrounding environment.

  • Outsourced IT Support (Helpdesk Support)

  • The business climate today is becoming more and more competitive. As more and more business want to focus on their own areas of expertise, they are turning to outsourcing IT Support due to its obvious advantages such as:
    • Reduced operational overheads
    • Access to a wider pool of ICT Expertise
    • Increased efficiency in service delivery
    • Scalability and so on.
  • Our technical support teams have had over 9 years of experience providing IT support to a wide range of clients.

  • Professional Business support

  • Talk to us about getting the most from your IT systems. Whether you have IT reliability problems or just feel your IT should be working harder for you. Focus on your core business and let us look after your IT systems.
  • We won’t just sell you a load of equipment and disappear. We will talk with you about how your IT can be improved and install it and keep it running with support services you can depend on. We deal with the whole solution so you won’t get caught between software companies and hardware suppliers.
  • We support many businesses like yours and know what works and what doesn’t.
  • IT Consultancy Service
  • Telephone Tech Support
  • Computer & Peripheral Sales
  • Fully Automated Online Backup
  • New Network Installation
  • Office & Services Re-location
  • Data Recovery
  • Our Helpdesk Service supports our maintenance customers from where we can monitor and provide technical assistance 24/7.